Tuesday, October 6, 2009


38 hours and 16 minutes after departing from the start line in Santa Clarita, I rolled into the Twentynine Palms Best Western to surprisingly raucous cheers. A 508 finisher. The journey may have taken a lot longer than expected, but what a ride.

Team Rock Rabbit!

My crew: Alex, Jordan, and Mavis were absolutely incredible. THANK YOU!

Lots more to come.


  1. HEY, GREAT JOB ADAM!!!!! I got teary (I guess i get it from mom) again just looking at the photo of us and thinking about what you were able to do, you are so bicketty!!!!

  2. Adam Congrats! You need to come back and race the 508 again. I feel you have the potential to win it. I've always admired your ability to race USCF races and Ultras. You're pretty damn amazing from TT's to the 508. By the way, it's not always THAT windy.