Tuesday, October 13, 2009

508 Time Lapse!

More to come - annotations, soundtrack, etc..

This was taken on a cheap Canon digital camera with CHDK firmware. This allowed me to write a script which took a picture every 15 seconds. The camera was mounted on a GPS stand on the window. The below video was created by stitching these images together at 10 fps.
The video starts out with the crew driving up to meet me at the first support point 25 miles in, then providing leap frog support throughout the first day. It then documents my dramatic downfall on the slopes of Towne Pass. It resumes hours later and 10 miles down the road, early Sunday, around Stovepipe Wells, Death Valley, remaining unbroken until Twentynine Palms, right before the finish.


  1. it took a lot of work to get that clock in a 24-like font! now I just need a kiefer sutherland voiceover.

  2. Interesting documentation of the race..

    The best part starts at around 2min30 sec in.. You can really see the lenticular clouds forming in the distance.. Those clouds tell the future: strong winds.. Then at about 2min54sec, the lenticulars really start up right overhead; eventually blowing away quickly and leaving behind an altocumulus cloud deck running downwind at high speed..

    At that time, cruising towards the turn to Townes Pass and watching the clouds left me with a feeling of dread..

    Great video..